Nuclear Energy Education and Training

NEET Offers Seminars, Mentoring and More...

The 23 undergraduate students visiting from Saudi Arabia are a group of rising sophomores and juniors who are currently enrolled in the nuclear engineering program at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) in Jeddah. The scope of the 8-week Nuclear Energy Education and Training (NEET) program at UMass Lowell is to complement academic work with classroom seminars, group workshops, exposure to work methods, exercises, mentoring, and visits to reactor installations, universities, and other points of relevant interest.

Specifically, the NEET program will include: 

  1. classroom lectures delivered by University Professors, nuclear industry experts and leaders; 
  2. problem-solving workshops including hands-on training and laboratory modules at the UML Radiation Laboratory; 
  3. experiential learning consisting of interactions with researchers and industry leaders; and 
  4. visits to unique facilities in the area.

The program content will adhere to the strict university compliance standards and will not include any export-controlled material. All facilities that will be visited during the program will have appropriate levels of security to protect any client proprietary information and therefore will have appropriate access restrictions for all visitors. In particular, each facility will require advance security clearance for all participants. Any information provided during this program will be limited to that available in the public domain. The program dates are June 25 - Aug. 24.