“Carbon Smarts: Learning Science on the Go”  is a national conference that brings diverse communities together to examine the potential of Out of Home Media to foster informal science learning among the commuting adult population.

Experts representing marketing, communication, risk analysis, science education, mass transit, informal learning, and atmospheric research will share their experience and ideas on how to improve the public’s understanding of climate change science with special attention given to new digital tools. The conference focuses on developing discourse between academic and industry personnel with a goal of laying a foundation for more collaborative and effective initiatives. 

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Dr. David Lustick and Dr. Jill Hendrickson Lohmeier are faculty members at the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Graduate School of Education.  Together, Lustick and Lohmeier have been investigating the how the commuting population in Boston thinks about the issue climate change and their scientific understanding of the phenomenon.  

lohmeierDr. Jill Hendrickson Lohmeier approaches the public’s understanding of science from both a methodological and psychological perspective.  Before beginning her work at UMass Lowell, she worked as an Evaluation Director for the School Program Evaluation and Research group at the University of Kansas. Jill received her Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in cognitive psychology.  She is interested in understanding how people make decisions regarding risks and how fostering an improved scientific understanding of climate change might improve the choices people make.  As an educational program evaluator, she is also interested in assessing the effectiveness of informal science education methods. She sees climate change issues as an important cross-disciplinary challenge for scientists in a wide variety of fields.  She has been studying the effectiveness of cross-disciplinary collaboration and is also interested in assessing how that may impact the ability of scientists to approach challenging issues like climate change.

lustick_david_optDr. David Lustick brings a long history of science education to these efforts. Before receiving his Ph.D. at Michigan State University, David taught secondary science for 12 years.  His research has focused on how adults learn and what experiences demonstrate the greatest effectiveness at achieving specific learning outcomes.  Carbon Smarts represents a project of that is very close to his interests and passion. 

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