Jay Simmons

Jay Simmons, Graduate School of Education

Faculty Chair, Professor, Language Arts & Literacy
O'Leary Library 518

Research Interest

Reading and writing assessment and instruction

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
M.S.T., University of New Hampshire
A.B., cum laude Bowdoin College


Selected Publications:

Simmons, J. (2009).  Writing instruction in the secondary classroom: Surviving School Reform.  In S. Parris, D. Fisher, & K. Headley, eds., Adolescent literacy: Research-based best practices.  Urbana, IL: International Reading Association.

Simmons, J. (2005).  Improving college-bound writers: The conditions to do it well.  English Journal, 94(8), 75-80

Simmons, J. (2003). "Responders are Taught Not Born. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 49 (8), 684-693. 

Simmons, J. & McLaughlin, T. (2003). "Longer, Deeper, Better".
Teaching English in the 30, 416-427.

Simmons, J. (2000).You Never Asked Me to Read: Useful Assessment of Reading
and Writing Problems, Boston: Allyn & Bacon. 

Simmons, J. (1997). "Attack of the Killer Baby Faces: Gender Similarities in
Third Grade Writing". Language Arts, 74, 116-123. 

Simmons, J. (1996a). "What Writers Know with Time". Language Arts, 73, 48-51. 

Simmons, J. (1996b). "Control the Purpose, Not the Contents: Coaching the Creation of Teaching Portfolios".  Action in Teacher Education, 18(1), 71-81.

Simmons, J. (2012). “Dalmatian.” Sentence, #9.

Simmons, J. (2011). “Directions for the State Essay,” Illuminations, 27:16.

Simmons, J. (2011). “Insane for a Year,” Illuminations, 27:16.
 Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

Simmons, J. (2011). “Potion.” Nimrod, 54(2): 77.

Simmons, J. (2011). “Thinning.” Nimrod, 54(2):77.

Simmons, J. (2011). “Press Pound.”  Chiron Review, 95:33.

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Simmons, J. (2009). "Fire horn." Blue Collar Review, 12(4): 5.


Brockton, MA Public Schools
Reading in the Content Areas
READ Excellence Grant
Lowell, MA Public Schools
Expert Provider