Student Information

Initial Certification Information

Pre-Practicum and Practicum Policies
All candidates are required to complete a pre-practicum and practicum, and must register for each in a timely fashion. Policies and timelines may be found in the accompanying document.

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Policy
Please note that Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L. c. 71, § 38R) requires that school districts conduct background checks through a Criminal Offender Record Investigation (CORI) for school personnel, including volunteers and student teachers, who may have direct and unsupervised contact with children.  Certain convictions may prevent an individual from completing a teaching practicum in a Massachusetts school district.  Further, it should be noted that the Massachusetts Department of Education may conduct CORI checks "as part of the general screening process for educator licensure".  CORI Policy

The University of Massachusetts Lowell's CORI policy
Prior to working with children as part of your coursework, the school district and/or the university will require you to submit paperwork for a CORI check.  School districts may refuse to allow a student to complete field and clinical experiences if certain offences are revealed.  These circumstances may result in the student being unable to complete a teacher preparation degree program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.