Graduate School of Education

Middle/High School Teaching License

Secondary Education - Middle and High School 

There are four routes to becoming a secondary education teacher, which provide flexibility for those who wish to pursue a teaching program on a full-time or part-time basis. Also our program accommodates candidates who are teaching on a preliminary license. All programs are 30 credits, consisting of 21 credits of course work, a prepracticum and a 9 credit practicum.

Routes to Teaching

ProgramAudienceAdmissionsMTELPrograms of Study (pdf)
Route IFast Track to Teaching program (pdf) Middle/Secondary Programs Only (Plus One Program)UML Undergraduates Middle/Secondary Programs Only 
Appropriate Undergraduate preparation
3.0 GPA
MTEL Tests

Application Deadline: 

I-Dec. 1 of senior year 

II-April 1 

III-Aug. 1

IV-Teaching full-time in the role of the license for one semester in public school
Preliminary License
April 15 for summer or Aug. 1 for fall

Communication and Literacy Tests (01) reading subtest and writing subtest

Subject test in discipline:
Biology (13)
Chemistry (12)
English (07)
History (06)
Mathematics (09)
Physics (11)

Must be successfully completed for admission.

Middle/High School Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, General Science)
Route II - Initial Licensure, Middle/Secondary Programs Only, 12 months (Summer, Fall, Spring)Graduates of accredited colleges and universities, Middle/Secondary Programs Only
Route III - Middle/Secondary Programs Only, 18 months (Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall)
Route IV - Alternative Licensure Program, Middle/Secondary Programs Only, 3 years maximum allowed, for candidates who are teaching as the "teacher of record" on a preliminary license in a middle or high school in Massachusetts

Options III and IV can be completed as part-time students. Courses generally begin at 4 p.m. There will be occasional school visits beyond course meeting times.
Information about MTEL tests can be found at
For admission and online application to the degree go to Graduate Admissions at YOU DO NOT SPECIFY THE “ROUTE” ON THE APPLICATION FORM.


Admissions Requirements (pdf) for Secondary Education Options I, II, III and IV