Recycling, Greening and Sustainability

"Zero-Sort" Recyclable/Non-Recyclable Program

  • All offices, labs and residence rooms have been provided a white recycling bag.
  • White recycling bags list products that are recyclable & non-recyclable.
  • Existing personal office, lab and room trash receptacles will remain in present locations. These containers will provide the occupant a means to separate their waste stream products (recyclable and non-recyclable).
  • Each of us will be responsible for our own waste products.
  • All buildings - 200 locations! - will have central recyclable & non-recyclable collection containers located in common corridors.
  • Each of us will bring our waste products to the centralized waste collection area.
  • Waste products to separated & placed in the appropriate recyclable & non-recyclable container.
  • Custodians will manage all recyclable & non-recyclable central collection areas.
  • Custodians will not provide office, lab or residence room waste collection services after Sept. 21, 2008.

NOTE: Food and drink are prohibited in UMass Lowell laboratories and classrooms.

For further information please contact our Green Team Recycling Hotline at 978-934-6666 or email