Policies and Procedures

Environmental Policy

Lowell, Massachusetts
Office of the Chancellor

As a public institution of higher education, University of Massachusetts Lowell is committed to being a model of environmental health and safety in our teaching, in our research, in our partnerships with the community, and in the management of our own organization. The University challenges and empowers each employee and student to promote environmental leadership through our environmental principle, "Ride the CREST":

C: Continuous Improvement - To enhance the environmental management system through checking, corrective action and annual top management review to achieve improvements in overall environmental performance.
R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  - To use processes, practices, materials or products that avoid or reduce pollution, which may include process changes, efficient use of resources, material substitution and recycling.
E: Environmental Compliance - To meet and where practical exceed all relevant current environmental laws and regulations.
S: Stewardship - To empower employees and students to identify significant environmental aspects of our activities, products, and services, and to implement programs with targets and objectives that protect the health and safety of people and the ecosystem.
T: Training and Education - To provide appropriate training to all employees and students to ensure competence and awareness of our environmental policies and procedures, the significant environmental impacts of their work or activities, their roles and responsibilities in support of our environmental management system, and the potential consequences of departure from specified procedures.