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Andre Miripolsky

My work as a Digital Artist, has evolved as the result of my passion for evolution as an eclectic artist. In the 60’s my fine arts passion focused on painting with a “technical “ twist as I combined precise, symmetrical images with underpainting and airbrushing techniques applied to Masonite. Then, in the early 70’s my interest was captured with exploration of the technical edges of imaging opportunities offered through printmaking with etching and lithography combined with hand drawing, photo processes, and other surface manipulations. Photography, a lifelong interest for me, evolved into a passion in the late 70’s when I began to manipulate my photographic images utilizing a variety of printing techniques and introduced neon in combination with my photographic images.

With the introduction of computer technology in the early 80’s, I set off on yet another artistic direction as I explored fine arts applications of this emerging technology. This new tool provided me the opportunity to create and manipulate color, space, shape, design and text with fine arts and technical applications albeit within the constraints of available software and image printing systems. Using the computer soon changed the  traditional studio environment to a digital studio having access to many of the same tools used in the photographic lab, painting and design studios.
The 90’s introduced IRIS ink jet color printing, providing digital printmaking possibilities that turned yet another creative corner for me. This refinement in printing technology produced a high-resolution continuous tone effect print on archival paper as well as canvas. Since then many inkjet printers have entered the market giving artists unlimited possibilities to work with.

The use of digital medium and photography allows me to capture and develop my concepts transforming my images into visual collages in ways never before possible. The use of this new media can be seen throughout my images. The quest to push processes in art making has always lead me to new and exciting paths in developing my art. My art has been exhibited and collected throughout the United States and internationally.

In my classroom I encourage students to experiment with digital processes as they develop an appreciation and vision for the many venues available to them as emerging artists.


Jim Veatch

Jim Veatch,
Computer Art


B.S. - Fine Art
State University of New York at Brockport

M.F.A. - Printmaking
Rochester Insitute of Technology