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““Art creates a unique and especially beguiling happiness by fabricating a self-enclosed realm of meaningful awareness, a little world that has been made with explicit enjoyment as its goal.” ”

Irving Singer

I am an interdisciplinary artist and live, work, and teach in both traditional and digital mediums. My early training of classical drawing continues to inspire me to this day. While working for hire for many years as a Photographer and Videographer, I have continued to develop personal imagery and exhibit personal artwork. My community based art practice involves installation, video projections, sculptural screens, and public participation. I have curated several public video festivals, Laterna Magica I and Laterna Magica II, at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. I also exhibited my installation video work, "seas" in multiple solo shows including a show in 2009 at the Cynthia Reeves Gallery, Chelsea, NY. Currently this work is in the permanent collect of the Hood Museum at Dartmouth University.

After graduating from Maine College of Art in 2003 I started teaching as an adjunct professor in at the Art Institute of Boston. My own interdisciplinary nature allowed me to teach in three departments, illustration, animation, and foundations. In my capacity of art educator I have been able to share all my knowledge, including the creative use of digital tools, illustration concepts, photographic strategies, and my interest in how philosophy grounds art.

I have been fortunate in winning a few awards for my work including, press women photography award and an MCC grant in film and video in 2005. Other honors include an invitation to teach as an artist in residence at the Institute for American Indian Art, in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a semester year visit in 2010.

Born a twin I continue to enjoy working in a collaborative team and I partner with the sculptor and woodworker Beth Ireland. We have joined in on multiple adventures; we especially love social art action projects. We co-founded, Turning Around America and have worked together to share our love of making and our belief that art empowers. Our work has taken us to Guatemala and across the United States. We will be launching a project at the beginning of December with USA This is a fundraising project and our objective is to build a sustainable mobile art studio prototype that we can teach others to build.

My college teaching requires multiple skill sets; lecture, demonstration, and course development. I also academically advise students, grade assignments, and critique artwork. I especially enjoy working one – on – one with students and helping to tease out their creative voice. I am proficient in programs including but not limited to, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Flash, and In Design. I can use and teach with any video camera or still camera, scanner or printer. I also have a background in web design and I work in Dreamweaver.

At this time, I am working on an installation project that involves photography and video. You can see my professional photography and art work at:


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Jennifer Moller

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