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Laurel McMechan's work in painting and printmaking focus on the collision of visceral and virtual landscapes. Reaching beyond landscape as physical location, her work considers psychological states and imaginary worlds as a way to investigate an expanded idea of place. "When the worlds we make inside our head, the physical world we occupy outside ourselves and the virtual spaces we navigate overlap, what would that map of connections look like?" She uses collage as both strategy and formal device to investigate these questions. The seamless juxtaposition that collage techniques can generate can be analogous to our perception of our immediate spaces/places, with many bits of visual reality juxtaposed, overlayed and adjacent to each other in our field of vision.

Laurel McMechan is a nationally exhibited artist and educator, living and working in Boston. She holds a BFA from University of Denver and an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art + Design. Her work resides in private and public collections in the United States and abroad, including the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Rhode Island School of Design and University of Richmond Museums. She currently teaches at University of Massachusetts Lowell and Massachusetts College of Art + Design.


Laurel McMechan

Laurel McMechan

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