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The Art Department's studio facilities, administrative office, six faculty offices, the University Gallery and two student galleries are evenly distributed between two buildings (Mahoney Hall and Dugan Hall) on the south campus.

The Art Department administrative office is located in Mahoney Hall, Suite 1 at 870 Broadway Street, Lowell, MA. There is a visitor parking lot across the street from Mahoney Hall or across from the McGauvran Student Center. The office staff can be contacted at 978 934-3494. Students can pick-up forms, find out who their faculty advisor is, get general questions answered, and leave messages for faculty at the Art Department office.

O'Leary Library, which is physically attached to McGauvran by an enclosed crosswalk, houses Media Services. Media Services is administered by the Director of Libraries and provides student and faculty check out access for video equipment, projection equipment, video/films, portable computers, cameras, and media/lecture rooms. These services, combined with Department resources, are adequate to meet the needs of the B.F.A. program at UMass Lowell.

University Gallery

    • McGauvran Gallery
    • McGauvran Gallery
    • McGauvran Gallery

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The University Gallery is located on the 1st floor of Mahoney Hall at 870 Broadway Street. The hallway outside the double glass doors leading into the gallery is used as a reception space and publicity posting area. The gallery has 12’ ceilings with a very effective adjustable track lighting system. The University Gallery provides approximately 90' of available exhibition quality wall space.

Student Photography Gallery

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Computer Labs

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The Art Department operates multiple computer labs. There Digital Imaging and Graphic Design Lab is a teaching facility for both Digital Media Art and Graphic Design. It is equipped with twenty student Macintosh computer stations, an instructor computer station with projector and sound system, a scanning computer station, a video in and out computer station, flatbed scanners, slide scanner, color laser printer, and a high resolution ink jet color printer. All of the equipment is networked and internet connected.

The adjacent Advanced Imaging Lab is used for advanced level production by students enrolled in 3D Animation, Interactive media, Senior Studio, and Directed or Independent Studies. This lab is equipped with fifteen student computer stations.

The computer labs are open evenings after day class end and for 18 hours of student use on the weekends.

Printmaking Studio

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The printmaking studio contains a number of work-tables and chairs as well as storage cabinets for print materials. There are two electric presses and one manual press. As electives, the Printmaking and Monotypes courses are offered on a staggered semester basis and only one section of one of the offerings is scheduled in the same semester.

Photography Classroom/Studio/Darkrooms

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The photography lab and professional studio is divided into three parts: one classroom, one full-scale professional strobe studio with cathedral ceiling, and two black & white darkrooms. Each of these areas functions independently of one another. The photography classroom area is an open space providing natural light, a number of flat working tables and adequate wall surfaces for critique and viewing work in process. The classroom space includes a light table, negative drying cabinet and print drying racks. The primary film processing area is part of the classroom space. There is a faculty office contiguous to the classroom, professional studio and darkrooms.

In the past year both the studio and the darkrooms have enjoyed considerable improvements in both structural facilities as well as equipment additions allowing the Art Department to enroll more students in the photography concentration. Foremost among the physical improvements has been the installation of a state-of-the-art Kreolite above-sink ventilation system, two Kreolite temperature controlled processing sinks, a built-in Kreolite print washer, and a heated negative drying cabinet. In the studio area, professional strobe equipment (with 2000 and 2400 watt capacity to six strobe heads with variable isolate/combine settings) and accessories such as professional studio platform tripod stands and Mamiya RB67 medium format camera, standard and studio flash meters, filter gel and studio lighting accessory additions have increased the scope of the professional photography course capabilities. Six Saunders color head enlargers have been added over the years to the beginning photography courses. Currently the main darkroom holds five enlarger stations opposite a line of sinks for print developing. A secondary darkroom is used primarily by beginning photography students with four enlargers spaced around the counter tops and one central ceiling safelight.

Dugan Hall Facility

The Art Department occupies the entire ground floor of Dugan Hall. There are three full-time faculty offices near and/or adjacent to the studio areas and there is one office which is shared by part-time adjunct faculty teaching in studio arts. Also included in the Dugan Hall facility is the Dugan Gallery, primarily used for rotating student exhibitions. The studio facilities in Dugan include one large drawing studio, one open area where drawing and foundations courses are taught, one space where painting is taught, a small student resource room, a sink room for clean-up and the sculpture area where foundations, sculpture, ceramics, papermaking and bookarts are taught.

Dugan Student Gallery

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The Dugan Student Gallery is located adjacent to the painting area. It is a 18’ X 32’ area with two long walls, and three shorter walls. The front of the gallery is a solid glass wall with glass double doors.

Drawing Studio

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Drawing is taught in a large 45’ x 22’ room consisting of two walls which can be used to pin up work. The room may be accessed by two doors, and has an adjoining small still-life storage room. There are storage locker units for student use. The room is adequate in size for the two drawing courses required in the freshman foundation that results in five sections per semester. In addition, the space is used for elective courses such as watermedia and figure drawing.

Painting Studio

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The painting area is a 35’ x 35’ space located adjacent to the drawing studio, and the student gallery. Storage cabinets, chemical disposal barrels, and paint rag disposal containers are located in the area for student use. A cleanup room with four sink units and a painting storage room behind it adjoins the area.

Sculpture/Ceramics Studios

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The sculpture/ceramics studio occupies approximately 3,500 sq. ft. of space at the south end of Dugan Hall on the ground level. There are numerous stainless steel sinks with deep basins, ceramic tile floors and walls throughout. There is a loading dock adjacent to the sculpture/ceramics studio making delivery of materials convenient. While 3,500 sq. ft. of space appears large, it is actually broken up into many smaller spaces.

The largest space is used as a classroom/studio area for lectures, technical demonstrations and group critiques. In the main studio area there is a spray booth with outside venting and a welding area with an overhead hood and venting. Other equipment in this area includes a metal shear/brake and roll machine and a clay extruder. The main studio area also has an adequate number of storage lockers for students. There is a 5HP air compressor with drop connections to service the entire studio and shop. This main studio area is used by the following courses: Art Concepts II, Sculpture, Ceramics, Papermaking and Bookarts. These courses are offered on alternating semesters making it possible to share the facility.

The woodshop is adjacent to the main studio space with a single doorway for access. The woodshop includes a table saw, band saw, drill press, table belt sander and dust collection system.

The ceramics area is located adjacent to the main studio. There is a slab roller, two electric kilns, glaze storage, mixing areas, shelves and three large stainless steel work sinks.

Senior Studio Work Space

Students working on their B.F.A. senior fine arts projects are given studio space in a secure area. Students using the Senior Studio Space are given keys and are allowed access on weekends and holidays as well as during the school week.


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