70-379, Web Art & Design I, Roberto Terrones - Portfolio Website

Web Art & Design I
(70-379 - 801)

Name of artwork:
Portfolio Website, Roberto Terrones, 2009


Each student will choose the web site that they will be responsible for creating for the semester. Compose all of the semesters work into one coherent web site which should include HTML pages with CSS and two rich elements (i.e. JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, etc.).

Through a combination of lectures, technical demonstrations, in class exercises and critiques, this studio art course will teach students the fundamentals of designing and creating visual content for the World Wide Web. We will explore what constitutes a visually exciting and conceptually engaging web site. Students will learn the basics of HTML, JavaScript, Flash, image processing, animation, interactive strategies, web architecture and management, and usability. Students will also learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the importance of creating “Rich Internet Media”. In addition to these technical skills, the students will develop an understanding of the potential use of the World Wide Web authoring as a fine art practice.