70-265, Computer Art I, Designer Trading Cards

Computer Art I
(70-265 - 801)

Name of artwork:
Trading Cards, Holly Simard, 3.5” h x 2.5” w

Designer Trading Cards

You are to create three cards, 3.5” h x 2.5” w, with front and back designs, highlighting the work of at least one designer. These people must be nationally known or of historic significance. An example photo or illustration of the artist’s work shall be included on the card. This is a text-driven design assignment, so use text inan interesting way. Text shall include the subject’s name, birth/death dates, brief biographical information and notes about the example design (year, materials, purpose served). The overall design of these three cards must be cohesive, sharing similarities such as colors, fonts, layout styles, and other design characteristics. You should also be able to tell me in crit the names of the fonts you used. what fonts your used and what size they are.

For more assignments visit: http://computer-arts-1.wiki.uml.edu