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About UML Art Department

The Art Department is part of the College of Arts and Sciences, Division of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The Department offers a B.F.A. degree with concentrations in Art and Design. A full time faculty of ten, along with thirteen adjunct faculty serves approximately 275 art majors. Faculty offices, two galleries and numerous studio/classrooms are located on the ground floors of Dugan Hall and McGauvran Student Center on south campus. The B.F.A. program is NASAD accredited.

The University of Massachusetts Lowell is one of five fully accredited Universities in the State System. A full-time faculty of 416 serves approximately 12,000 students. The beautiful Merrimack River separates the north and south campuses of UMass Lowell. The historic mill city of Lowell, MA is 25 miles north of Boston and five hours northeast of NYC. Lowell's history as one of the important stories of the industrial revolution is at the heart of the Lowell National Park's Visitor Center and Boott Cotton Mill Museum. In addition, downtown Lowell has seen a renaissance in it's designated Arts district, with the addition of numerous ethnic restaurants, galleries, museums and festivals.

Art Department Mission

Focused on the needs of twenty-first century artists and designers, the Art Department at the University of Massachusetts Lowell offers a unique and innovative four-year BFA program with concentrations in Art and Design. A group of talented and dedicated art professors—practicing professional artists, art historians, and art critics—are committed to inspiring and training artists and designers for the exciting, ever-growing and challenging contemporary art and design fields. From Foundations to Advanced Studies, students reach their highest potential as visual artists taking courses that integrate traditional art forms with new technologies. Creative and critical thinking, problem solving and risk taking, and a growing technical proficiency are all part of the curriculum.

Students can also take advantage of the interdisciplinary resources of a large and highly-esteemed research university, as well as engage with local, national, and international communities through courses, internships, collaborations, workshops, and study abroad programs.

The UMass Lowell BFA program provides students with the academic guidance, professional training, and seasoned expertise necessary to lead successful and enlightened lives as visual artists and designers in today’s global world.

About the Art Major

The art major is designed to develop a discriminating appreciation of art and knowledge of the technical requirements for succeeding as educated artists. To foster these abilities and to promote analytical and aesthetic understanding, the program provides a foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of art. The Art Department offers the professional degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts. The department also offers minor programs in studio art. A major in art provides students the opportunity to prepare for careers in fine arts, computer-based illustration and graphic design, computer-based interactive-media, animation, community oriented art programs, gallery work, museum research, photography related occupations, teaching, and graduate study in art.


The Art Department of the University of Massachusetts Lowell is a fully accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.


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