Community Engagement at UMass Lowell

Major Community Engagement and Partnership Programs

Assistive Technology Program

The Assistive Technology Program provides our engineering students interesting and challenging problems facing disadvantaged persons. Today, the main purpose of the Assistive technology program is to resolve these problems by applying the technologies that have been presented in our curriculum.

Center for Arts & Ideas

The Center for Arts & Ideas offers professional, nationally and internationally known performing arts for children in the STARTS (Students and Teacher Arts) Series.

Center for Family, Work and Community

Our goal is to support "community capacity building" by working with groups and organizations in the region to aid them in learning how to conduct strategic planning in their field.

Center for Industrial Competitiveness

For over a decade, the Center for Industrial Competitiveness has been known for its path-breaking research on industrial innovation, regional development, corporate governance and sustainable prosperity.

Center for Lowell History, University Libraries

The University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History was established in 1971 to assure the safekeeping, preservation, and availability for study and research of materials in unique subject areas, particularly those related to the Greater Lowell Area and the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Center for Health Promotion & Research

To assist in the University's mission of regional sustainable development, the center focuses on an important component of sustainable development: public health.

Center for Women and Work

The Center for Women and Work is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to advancing knowledge about the relationship between gender and work through research, enhancing understanding through education and training, and challenging inequalities, particularly through institutional change.

College Prep Program

College Prep works to improve Lawrence High School students' chances of competing in a technically advanced society by offering enrichment classes in math, physical science, computer literacy and English language arts.

Future Engineers Center

Our mission is to engage students and teachers in challenging, design-based science and technology activities in order to interest more students in, and better prepare them for careers in science and engineering.

Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC) - UMass Lowell Educational Partnership

All students, faculty and staff have free and unlimited access to Lowell Telecommunications Corporation’s computer laboratory, recording/filming studio and meeting spaces; equipment for independent and off-site project usage; television, video and computer classes; cablecasting and satellite downlinking; and advice for program production and computer usage.

Labor Extension Program

The Labor Extension Program provides educational services and technical assistance to unions in the region.

Lowell Center for Sustainable Production

The Lowell Center for Sustainable Production develops, studies and promotes environmentally sound systems of production, healthy work environments and economically viable work organizations.

Lowell Summer Music Series

The Series is a non-profit program committed to bringing great music to Lowell at reasonable prices. Please join us at Boarding House Park in Lowell.

Mogan Cultural Center, Lowell National Historical Park

The Patrick J. Mogan Cultural Center is a program of Lowell National Historical Park in partnership with the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Our mission is to "tell the human story of Lowell" through community-sponsored exhibits, projects and programs.

Music Department Outreach

The Music Department has several programs for prospective students interested in music, including the Mary Jo Leahey Symphonic Band Camp, the New England Youth Wind Ensemble, the New England Junior Wind Ensemble and the UMass Lowell String Project.

Nanotechnology Outreach

The excitement and promise of nanotechnology provides a unique opportunity to increase public awareness of the critical importance of science and technology to society. Moreover, nanotechnology should motivate more youth to become interested and better prepared for careers in science, math, engineering and technology.

Non-Profit Alliance of Greater Lowell

The Mission of the Non-Profit Alliance is to build collaboration that strengthens the influence and impact of community-based organizations through sharing resources and advancing excellence in administration.

Office of School Partnerships (Graduate School of Education)

The office, an initiative within the University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Education, reflects the University's commitment to excellence in public education, the key to sustained regional economic development.

Peace & Conflict Studies Institute (PACSI)

PACSI’s goal is to promote education, research and practice concerning peace and conflict issues, in both the UMass Lowell and greater-Lowell communities.

Service Learning in the College of Engineering (SLICE)

We define service learning as a hands-on learning approach in which students achieve academic objectives in a credit-bearing course, by meeting real community needs. In engineering, the students become better professionals and better citizens while the community benefits.

Summer Camps

The New England Consortium (TNEC)

Since, 1987 TNEC has provided dynamic hands-on, participatory health and safety training. With simulated work tasks and mock incidents, students gain a better understanding of work site hazards and how to properly respond in an emergency situation.

Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI)

TURI's Community Program strives to help organizations raise awareness of the hazards of toxic chemical use and introduce safer alternatives within their neighborhoods.

Tsongas Center for Industrial History

The Tsongas Center is a hands-on history center for students to learn about the American Industrial Revolution through hands-on activities and by experiencing history where it happened. The Tsongas Center is a curriculum resource for teachers to participate in practical professional development workshops and great primary-source-based teaching activities.

University Gallery

The University Gallery is UMass Lowell’s professional art gallery. Coordinated by the Art Department and sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, Division of Fine Arts, the University Gallery exhibits the work of regionally and nationally recognized professional artists.

Village Empowerment: Peru Project

A project of mutual assistance and understanding involving the students and staff of the University of Massachusetts Lowell and the people of the Peruvian Andes.

On Campus

Outreach and partnership activities thrive in the colleges and departments across campus. To learn more about these activities, click on the following links:

College of Fine Arts, Huamanities and Social Sciences
The College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences offers a wide variety of majors from music and criminal justice to English. The college is unique in that our full-time faculty members teach and involve undergraduate students in their research and practical experiences. Students can also tailor many programs to suit their needs.

College of Sciences

The College of Sciences offers a wide variety of majors from biology mathematics. The college is unique in that our full-time faculty members teach and involve undergraduate students in their research and practical experiences. Students can also tailor many programs to suit their needs.

Graduate School of Education (GSE)

A theme entitled "Education for Transformation" provides a conceptual framework that unifies programs at the Graduate School of Education. The mission of the University of Massachusetts Lowell is to promote and sustain regional economic development. The GSE contributes to this mission by developing professionals who help transform the region through leadership roles in education.

College of Engineering
UMass Lowell offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs in six different fields of engineering - chemical engineering, civil & environmental engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and plastics engineering - and undergraduate degrees in three different fields in engineering technology - civil, electronic and mechanical engineering technology.

College of Health Sciences
The College of Health Sciences at UMass Lowell was created to promote human health and development that enables people to live in safe and productive communities and environmentally sustainable economies.

Manning School of Business

The Manning School of Business at UMass Lowell has been creating the business leaders of the future. We offer programs in accounting, finance, management, management information systems and marketing, and provide students with a broad range of skills necessary for success.

Online & Continuing Education

Building on the strength of UMass Lowell's outstanding faculty, the Division of Online & Continuing Studies is leading the region in delivering quality programs on campus, on site at companies and online. Our corporate and distance education initiatives continue to bring distinction to the UMass Lowell campus as students and companies participate in our wide range of professional education programs.


Athletics at UMass Lowell must have a direct connection between its purpose and the University's stated mission. Accordingly, coaches must be educators who positively influence young people and foster an appreciation for education and a commitment to using sports as a vehicle to encourage positive social change.

Student Activities

Information about student outreach and service activities.