Biological Sciences

General Biology Option

This option provides the student with a broad depth in the Biological sciences.  All the requirements needed for students pursuing health professions (MD, PA, DVM, DDS, etc…) are included in this option.

Option Requirements (in addition to the core requirements listed above)

Required courses – 14 to 16 credits 

In addition to the core requirements listed above, the student must complete four (4) additional 300-400 level biology courses selected from among all biology listings (“81” prefix), two (2) of which must contain the corresponding laboratory component. The two courses with a laboratory component may be replaced by completing two semesters of senior research (81.411 and 81.412).

Although Calculus for Life Sciences II (92.139) is not required, students pursing post-graduate studies are strongly encouraged to take this course as a free elective.  Consult with your advisor.

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