Robotics Minor

To enroll in the minor, fill out a Declaration of Minor form (pdf) and bring it to your department chair.

Robotics Minor Required Courses (7 courses, 21 credits)

16.265 Logic Design
16.317 Microprocessors Systems Design I
22.211 Statics
22.213 Dynamics
22.579 Robotics (to be renamed Dynamics of Robots)
91.450 Robotics I (to be renamed Mobile Robots I)
91.101 Computing I
16.216 ECE Application Programming

Robotics Minor Elective Course (1 course, 3 credits)

16.480 Microprocessor Systems II & Embedded Systems
22.453 Mechatronics
91.451 Robotics II (to be renamed Mobile Robots II)
Department-specific Capstone or Senior Project course
Other course with prior approval of Robotics Minor Committee