Robotics for Other Majors

In addition to the package of seven core courses and one elective below, you are required to take Calculus I and II, Physics I and II (the calculus-based versions, with labs), and a math course that includes linear algebra.

Students from any appropriate science or engineering major are eligible to enroll in this minor. The Robotics Minor provides you with a true interdisciplinary program in robotics, while allowing you to receive an undergraduate degree in the major of your choice.

Robotics Minor Required Courses (7 courses, 21 credits)

  1. 91.101 Computing I or 16.216 ECE Application Programming
  2. 16.265 Logic Design
  3. 16.317 Microprocessors Systems Design I
  4. 22.211 Statics
  5. 22.213 Dynamics
  6. 91.450 Robotics I (to be renamed Mobile Robots I)
  7. 22.579 Robotics (to be renamed Dynamics of Robots)

Important note: 91.450 and 22.579 are not offered every semester. Please contact the Robotics coordinators in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering (respectively) to help plan your minor.

Robotics Minor Elective Course (1 course, 3 credits)

  1. 16.480 Microprocessor Systems II & Embedded Systems
  2. 22.453 Mechatronics
  3. 91.451 Robotics II (to be renamed Mobile Robots II)
  4. Department-specific Capstone or Senior Project course
  5. Other course with prior approval of Robotics Minor Committee

Important note: These elective courses are not offered every semester. Please contact the Robotics coordinator in the respective department to help plan your minor.