Aerospace Studies


Both general military courses and professional officer courses in Aerospace Studies may be used as undesignated or unrestricted elective courses in a student’s baccalaureate program. Grades for all AFROTC courses are applicable to the determination of grade-point averages. Students should consult the regulations of the college in which they are matriculating concerning the number of AFROTC courses which may be included as part of their programs of study. 

In the event that such elective courses are insufficient to accommodate all the AFROTC courses, students wishing to pursue the AFROTC program will be required to fulfill program requirements on an overload basis. Consequently, AFROTC credit toward graduation requirements will vary from six (minimum to meet AFROTC/University of Massachusetts Lowell contract requirements) to sixteen credits dependent on the student’s particular college and degree program. Some colleges allow AFROTC courses to be substituted for technical general electives.