College of Health Sciences

Appeals Procedure for Reinstatement in College of Health Sciences

Students who have been dismissed from their major for academic or non-academic reasons will receive a notification letter from their department. Students who are eligible to appeal for reinstatement, must submit a written appeal to the appropriate Departmental Professional Review Committee for re-evaluation of their status. This appeal must be received no later than the date specified in the letter and should explain those factors which led to unsatisfactory academic performance and identify the student’s plan to address these factors in order to attain academic success.

The Department Professional Review Committee will review the student’s appeal and vote to grant the appeal with probation, grant the appeal without probation or deny the appeal. If a student is placed on probation, specific terms of probation will be explained in a letter to the student. If the appeal is denied, the student must transfer to another major.

Students who are dismissed a second time may not appeal any further to their department. Students may submit a written appeal to the Dean of the College of Health Sciences. After consideration of the available information, the Dean will either return the appeal to the Department Professional Review Committee for further reconsideration or uphold the dismissal.