Undergraduate Catalog

College of Health Sciences

Led by Dean Shortie McKinney, Ph.D., the College of Health Sciences is a unique and exciting combination of health professionals, community health educators and public health advocates  - all committed to finding ways to advance the health of our region, nation and the world. Learn more about the College of Health Sciences on our website.

Organization and Governance

The College of Health Sciences is organized into five departments and is administered by a dean who is assisted by an executive committee. Each department is responsible for developing programs of study and course offerings. Although the faculty of the College has overall responsibility for all academic policies of the School, the academic standards committee is responsible for enforcing the academic standards of the School and also serves as a review body for suspended students seeking readmission with probationary status. In addition, each department has its own professional review committee that evaluates appeals from students who have not met the criteria for retention in their specific programs. Such appeals to professional review committees may be submitted only once, and all decisions of the faculty are final.

Leadership Committee

Shortie McKinney, Dean
Susan Houde, Associate Dean
Pauline Ladebauche, Assistant Dean
Eugene Rogers, Chairperson, Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences
Nicole Champagne, Chairperson, Community Health & Sustainability
Karen Devereaux Melillo, Interim Dean, Nursing
Lisa Abdallah, Chairperson, Nursing
Deirdra Murphy, Chairperson, Physical Therapy
Bryan Buchholz, Chairperson, Work Environment