1. 47.101 General Psychology (3 credits) 
  2. One course in each of the following four sub-fields of Psychology (12credits):  
    • Developmental Psychology 
      • 47.260 Child & Adolescent Development
    • Individual Differences 
      • 47.232 Psychology of Personality; or 
      • 47.272 Abnormal Psychology
    • The Social Context 
      • 47.209 Social Psychology; or
      • 47.255 Community Psychology
    • Basic Processes 
      • 47.273 Brain, Mind & Behavior; or 
      • 47.276 Theories of Learning; or 
      • 47.277 Sensation and Perception; or 
      • 47.278 Cognitive Psychology
  3. Each of the following courses (9 credits): 
    • 47.269 Research I: Basics (Must earn grade of C or higher)  
    • 47.369 Research II: Statistics 
    • 47.375 Research III: Laboratory
  4. One Advanced Psychology Seminar (3 credits)  
    • 47.473 Seminar: Social Psychology 
    • 47.474 Seminar: Developmental Psychology 
    • 47.475 Seminar: Clinical Psychology 
    • 47.476 Seminar: Experimental Psychology 
    • 47.477 Seminar: Contemporary Trends in Psychology
    • 47.478 Seminar in Cognitive Psychology
  5. One 400-level or above Psychology elective (3 credits) 
  6. Two 300 or higher level Psychology electives (6 credits)
  7. Students have the option of taking three additional Psychology courses (0-9 credits)

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Diversity General Education requirement is met by taking 47.209 or 47.255.

Ethics General Education requirement is met by taking 47.269 and 47.375.

Students in the Psychology major are required to demonstrate intermediate level proficiency in a foreign language.

Psychology cumulative grade point average must be a minimum of 2.20 in order to graduate.

Students transferring to the University and wishing to major in Psychology need to contact the Chair of the Department regarding satisfaction of major requirements. In addition, students wishing to change their major from another college or department at the University of Massachusetts Lowell must have a minimum of 2.20 cumulative average.

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