Bachelor of Liberal Arts

The Concentration in Music

The BLA Concentration in Music affords students who have an interest in music, including those with an interest in performance, the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of music history and music theory.  Students may explore the traditions and styles of many musical periods, from Baroque to Contemporary, as well as a variety of genres, including jazz and rock.  Students who wish to include performance in their concentration may count up to six credits of ensembles in addition to 24 credits in music theory and music history.  Some ensembles on campus may require auditions (please consult the music department for details on ensemble participation).


Complete a minimum of four 300-level or above Music courses.

Complete a minimum of four 200-level Music courses.

For the concentration in Music, students may select from the following courses:

  • 71.101  Music Theory 1
  • 71.102  Music Theory 2
  • 71.110  Basic Music Theory (students may not receive credit for both 71.110 and 71.101 in this concentration
  • 74.161  Music of Western Civilization (3)
  • 74.261  Music History 1
  • 74.262  Music History 2
  • 74.301  American Music
  • 74.103  Gender Issues in Music
  • 74.355  Jazz
  • 74.356  American Musical Theatre
  • 74.368  History of Rock Music
  • 74.463  Music of the Baroque Era
  • 74.464  Music of the Classic Era
  • 74.465  Music of the Romantic Era
  • 74.466  Music of the Twentieth Century

See the course catalog for descriptions of the Music courses.