Bachelor of Liberal Arts

The Concentration in Education

The BLA concentration in Education provides students with knowledge of the field of elementary education. The concentration includes courses in the language arts, elementary mathematics, and educational psychology. Students will develop knowledge of issues, theories and practices in elementary education, an understanding of the diversity of learners, and the ability to assess and account for cultural and language influences, as well as the impact of learning disabilities, on learning. Students will be called on to demonstrate effective communication skills, professional collaboration and enthusiasm for developing lifelong habits that facilitate reflection, clear thinking, critical judgment, innovation and problem-solving. As students in this concentration may consider elementary education as a career, appropriate types of professional behaviors are required at all times.


A minimum of 8 courses: 

Required courses

92.107 Elementary Math for Teaching: Numbers and Operations
92.227 Elementary Math for Teaching: Geometry and Measurement
Choose 6 courses from the following:

01.371 Educational Psychology
01.373 Teaching and Learning with Technology
01.391 Understanding Education
01.384 Language, Literacy, and Culture
01.405 Children with Disabilities in the Classroom
02.401 Exploring Teaching
42.298 Children’s Literature
02.301 Early Literacy Community Experience I
02.302 Early Literacy Community Experience II (pre-requisite 02.301) Transfer Course Elective or other elective with approval of advisor
NOTE: Students may apply to the BLA/M.Ed. fast track in “Elementary Education and Teaching Children with Moderate Disabilities” during the Fall semester of their senior year. If admitted, students will take three graduate courses (9 cr), in their senior year which count both toward the BLA and toward the M.Ed.. Upon graduation from the BLA, students in the fast track can then complete the remaining 30 credits M.Ed. in “Elementary Education and Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities.”  Students interested in the fast track must contact at the end of their junior year.