Bachelor of Liberal Arts

The Concentration in Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies is an academic field that explores the ways in which meaning is produced and disseminated through various social practices, beliefs, rituals, institutions, arts and social structures.  It examines the daily activities of people in a given cultural, the use they make of particular objects, the meanings they ascribe to or derive from particular images and forms of expression.

Cultural Studies often explores the interrelationship between cultural forms and ideology or cultural forms and political economy; thus, it raises questions about the ways that cultural practices can function as a source of social control.  It also explores how individuals and groups within a cultural can resist a dominant ideology by subverting expected practice or meaning. 

As an academic field, Cultural Studies draws from work in many areas, including critical theory (literary, political, and social), history and art history, gender studies, film studies, museum studies, media and communication studies, and ethnic studies to frame questions and analyze cultural phenomena.


Complete 8 - 10 courses in the Cultural Studies concentration, at least 4 courses must be at the 300-level or above.

Course List:

Students who choose the Cultural Studies concentration must select from the following courses:

59.105  Comparative Arts
59.111  Foundations in Cultural Studies
59.208  Cultural Studies I
59.209  Cultural Studies II
59.315  Islamic Culture and Contemporray Society
59.313  Cultural Views of Women
59.316  The Uses of Multimedia I
59.326  The Uses of Multimedia II
59.349  Literature, Politics and Genocide in Cambodia
59.374  Cinema Across Cultures

40/42/59.248  Values in American Culture
40/43.272  Native American History
40/42.280  Intro to American Studies
40.340  Cross-Cultural American Literature 

42.201  Great Books of Antiquity
42/59.205  Human Values I
42/59.206  Human Values II
42/59.219  Intro to Theatre
42.232  Fiction into Film
42.249  Literature on Technology and Human Values
42.250  The Bible as Literature
42.276  Irish American Literature
42.277  American Ethnic Literature
42.341  Studies in Film
42/59.382  Theatre History I
42/59.382  Theatre History II
42.465  Nanoscience and Literature
42.472  Contemporary World Literature 

43.204  China and the Modern World
43.209  Colonial Latin America
43.210  History of Pop Culture
43.212  Modern Latin America
43.225  Ancient Greek History
43.226  Roman History and Civilization
43.275  African American History
43.281  Sub-Saharan Africa
43.301  The World of Things: Consumer Culture in the Modern West
43.311  History of Science I
43.312  Science and the Modern World
43.334  NapoleanThe French Revolution and Napolean
43.382  The American West
43.393  History of the Middle East and Islamic World 

45.296  Intro to World Religions
45.305  Language, Signs and Symbols
45.310  Philosophy of Creative Imagination
45.316  Philosophy and Film
45.333  Symbols and Society
45.340  Mysticism East and West
45.360  The Goddess in World Religions
45.384  Philosophies of Art and Beauty 

46.210  Media and Politics
46.218  Politics and Sports
46.315  Politics and Film
46.317  Politics and Music
46.318  Politics and Advertising 

48.102  Social Anthroplogy
48.112  Sociology Goes to the Movies
48.212  Cultures of the World
48.285  Film: From Gangster to Noir
48.323  Sociology of Values and Ideas
48.340  Sociology of Sports
48.341 Wealth, Status and Power 

50/59.368  Women in French Cinema
50.374  Classics of French Cinema
50.375  Gender and Sexuality in French Cinema
50/59.376  French Cinema and Society
52.325  Italian American Literature and Culture
52.335  Cinema and Italian Americans
52.376  Classics of Italian Cinema
52/59.378  Italian Culture and Cinema
52.380  Italian Cinema: Directors and Themes 

58/59.203  Art History Survey I
58/59.204  Art History Survey II
58.205  Studies in World Art
58.206  History of Architecture
58/59.211  19th Century Art
58.221  20th Century Art  
58.225  History of Picturing
58.231  Greek and Roman Art
58/59.241  Medieval Art
58.313  American Art
58.331  Asian Art
58/59.332  Baroque Art in Italy
58.350  Postmodernism (Contemporary Art)

Course Listing Cultural Studies