Interdisciplinary Programs & Minors

Work, Labor & Society Minor

Are you thinking about what kind of job you are going to want when you graduate? Are you concerned about how to balance work and family? Should you become a member of a union?

The new interdisciplinary minor in Labor Studies is designed to give students an understanding of how these deeply personal questions and concerns are embedded in a broad social, historical, political, and economic context.

Understanding the structure of the labor market, the nature of work, and the role of worker organizations from a range of disciplinary perspectives provides critical knowledge and skills for all, and is especially relevant for those who are  interested in human resources, labor organizing, workplace law, management, job training, and community or non-profit work.

Through a unique partnership with the Labor Education Program, minors will have access to service-learning and internship opportunities at work- and worker-related organizations throughout the local area.  Past projects include:

  • Language partnerships with Janitors Union
  • Labor leader interviews with Lowell Telecommunications, Inc (LTC)
  • Learning by Doing: Running “Kids Take the Lead” Workshop Activities with Tsongas Industrial History Center (TIHC)


  • HIST.3040 European Social and Economic History
  • HIST.3160 American Environmental History
  • HIST.3790 US Industry in the Twentieth Century
  • HIST.3800 Work and Society
  • HIST.4320 Seminar: Lawrence Strike
  • HIST.5230 Enterprise in Latin America

Political Science

  • POLI.3970 Seminar: Labor Law and Politics
  • POLI.4450 The Politics of Repression and Dissent


  • PSYC.3080 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PSYC.5260 Workplace Diversity


  • SOCI.3070 Sociology of Immigration
  • SOCI.3410 Wealth, Status and Power
  • SOCI.3710 Sociology of Work
  • SOCI.3820 Social Movements
  • SOCI.4690 Seminar on Global Society


  • ECON.3020 Labor Economics
Work Environment
  • PUBH.5000 Analytic Content of Work Environment 

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