Interdisciplinary Programs & Minors

Theater Arts Minor

The interdisciplinary program in Theater Arts offers coursework in acting, directing, design, playwriting, technical theater, theater history, and dramatic literature.

Students may pursue Theater Arts either as a Minor or as a Concentration within the Bachelor of Liberal Arts major. The Minor requires 18 to 24 credits, with 6 credits at the 300 level or above. The BLA Concentration requires 24 to 30 credits, half of which must be at the 300 level or above.

For additional information contact the Theater Arts Program Director:
Nancy Selleck, Ph.D
Phone: 978-934-4185
Office: O'Leary Library - Room 449.

Courses should be distributed among the following 3 categories:

Production Credit (at least 3 credits)

THEA.311 Play Production (3 cr)
THEA.493 Practicum in Theater

Theater Arts workshops (at least 6 credits)

42.233 Play Analysis
42.304 Playwriting
42.367 Advanced Playwriting
THEA.221 Stagecraft
THEA.261 Acting I
THEA.262 Acting II
THEA.265 Voice and Movement for Actors
THEA.343 Directing Workshop
THEA.230 Fundamentals of Theatrical Design
THEA.401 Topics in Theater
THEA.311 Play Production
THEA.490 Performance Practicum (1 cr)
THEA.494 Directed Study in Theater

Dramatic Literature/Theater History (at least 6 credits)

42.218 Comedy
42.348 Modern American Drama
42.357 African-American Theater
42.359 Contemporary World Theater
42.360 Medieval and Renaissance Theater
42.361 Restoration Comedy
42.362 Modern Drama
42.363 English Renaissance Drama
42.382 Theater History 1 (Ancient to Early Modern)
42.383 Theater History 2 (19th Century to present)
42.423 Shakespeare I
42.424 Shakespeare II
50.442 Theater and Anti-Theater
55.351 Classical Drama
58.305 Theater and the Visual Arts
74.356 American Musical Theater
THEA.201 Introduction to Theater

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