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Gender Studies Minor

Prof. Andrea Dottolo, Psychology Dept.
Director, Gender Studies Program
The Gender Studies program offers an interdisciplinary minor in the College of Arts and Sciences at UMass Lowell. Gender Studies may also be taken as a concentration in the Bachelor of Liberal Arts major. The program explores the many ways that ideas about gender increase our knowledge of the world and our experience of everyday life. Fields of study include Art History, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, History, Legal Studies, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. These courses are broadly formulated to examine how gender inequality affects the lives of both men and women and how social constructions of gender shape our lives. These courses examine the contributions that research on gender and feminist scholarship have made to our understanding of social institutions, human behavior, cultural expression and intellectual inquiry.

Students who minor in Gender Studies will develop their critical thinking and communication skills as they explore this exciting field by bringing together concepts from a variety of academic disciplines.

Minor Course Requirements
The Gender Studies minor requires 18 to 24 credits in designated interdisciplinary courses, with six credits taken at the 300 level or above. Gender Studies may also be taken as a concentration in the Bachelor of Liberal Arts major. Students may take courses within their major and designate them for the Gender Studies Minor provided that the total number of credits in their major does not exceed 45 of the 120-credit minimum required for graduation.

Gender Studies courses can now be listed under their own designation (GNDR rather than 59). All Gender Studies minors who matriculate by Fall 2011 will be required to take Introduction to Gender Studies.

Gender Studies Courses
Please note that new courses are approved each semester, and not all of the courses below are offered every semester.

Legal Studies
41.376-Family Law
41.381-Women & the Law

42.240 - Literature and Women
42.241 - Women and Film
42.243 - Contemporary Women Writers
42.244 - Women in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
42.246 - Gay/Lesbian Literature
42.257 - The Family in Literature
42.328 - Writing About Women
42.335 - American Women Novelists
42.342 - Women Writers and the Past
42.345 - British Women Novelists
42.395 Special topics in English-Medieval women writers
42.395 Special Topics in English-Visual Rhetoric
42.401 - Selected Authors: Jane Austen and George Eliot

43.207 - Women in China
43.228 - Women in European History
43.270 - Women in American History
43.301 - The World of Things: Consumer Culture in the Modern West
43.338 - War and Memory in Twentieth Century France
43.380 - Work and Society

Criminal Justice
44.360 - Gender, Race, and Crime
44.422 - Victimology
44.477 - Intimate Partner Violence

45.306 - Feminist Theory and Politics
45.367 - Feminism and Liberalism
45.375 Philosophy of Sex & Love

Political Science
46.225 - Gender, Culture, and Politics
46.326 - Gender, Law, and Politics
46.327 - Dynamics of Sexual Politics
46.336 - Privacy and Politics
46.402 - Women in Islam

47.335 - Psychology and Women
47.351 - Human Sexuality

48.225 - Sociology of Disability
48.231 - Sociology of the Family
48.240 - Sociology of Gender
48.305 - Sociology of Family Law
48.362 - Social Welfare Policy
48.370 - Women in Society
48.405 - Feminist Methodologies

Modern Languages
50.378 - Women in French Cinema

Cultural Studies
52.330 - Italian Women Writers
54.335 - Spanish Women Writers in Translation

58.340 - Women & Art
58.345 - Pre-Raphaelite Art

Economic and Social Development of Regions
57.420 - Gender, Work and Public Policy

74.103 - Gender Issues in Music

Gender Studies
GNDR.200 - Special Topics in Gender Studies
GNDR.240 - Introduction to Gender Studies
GNDR.300 - Special Topics in Gender Studies
GNDR.301 - Gay and Lesbian Studies
GNDR.410 - Directed Studies
GNDR.401 - Practicum
GNDR.490 - Seminar in Gender Studies

Other Interdisciplinary Courses
59.307 - Gender Issues in 19th Century American Literature and Popular Culture
59.308 - Gender Issues in 20th Century American Literature and Popular Culture
59.310 - Gender Violence in the United States
59.311 - Men, Women, & the Military
59.312 - Issues in Human Reproduction
59.322 - Gender, Work & Family

Honors 320 - Gender & sexuality in theatre and film

Instructor: Patrick Young