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Film Studies Minor

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The interdisciplinary minor in Film Studies consists of 18-24 credits. Six credits must be at the 300 level or above. Courses relevant to the Film Studies minor are listed below. For course descriptions, see the department listing as indicated next to the course title. Additional courses to complete the required credits may be selected from the following list or other course listings in this catalog.

41.386 Intellectual Property
41.372 Sports, Entertainment and Art Law
41.489 Seminar in Law: Visual Fine Arts
42.230 Film Classics
42.232 Turning Fiction into Film
42.241 Women in Film
42.341 Studies in Film
43.347 History of Documentary Film
43.348 Making an Historical Documentary
43.389 Ancient History in Film
45.316 Philosophy and Film
45.314 Philosophy of the Gothic Imagination
46.316 Politics and Film
48.112 Sociology goes to the movies
48.285 Film: From Gangster to Noir
50.340 Contemporary French Cinema
50.376 French Cinema & Society (Gen. Ed)
50.378 Women in French Cinema
50.380 Francophone Identity through Cinema
52.335 Cinema & the Italian Americans
52.374 Classics of Italian Cinema
52.378 Italian Cinema & Culture
52.380 Italian Cinema: Directors & Themes
54.374 Spanish Films: Short Takes
54.371 Hispanic Literature and Film
54.375 Latin American and Spanish Cinema
58.225 History of Picturing
58.370 Art History & Film
59.374 Cinema Across Cultures
79.380 Understanding Movies: Cinema as Social Commentary

The list of approved courses may change from time to time depending on the offerings of the several departments involved; students should check with the appropriate coordinator to see which courses are currently approved.

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