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Comparative Arts Minor

The Comparative Arts concentration surveys some of the fundamental aspects of music, literature, culture, and art; such as the nature of aesthetic judgement, the task of art, literature and music criticism, including formalist, representational, and contemporary theories on viewing, analyzing, and interpreting the arts.  In addition, with comparative analysis between the modes of visual, literary, and aura representation, different aspects of artistic theories are investigated. The concentration analyzes the principal forms and genres of the visual, literary, and aural elements in various cultural disciplines, providing and understanding for human creativity and expression.

Bachelor of Liberal Arts with a Comparative Arts Concentration consists of the following:

  • a selection of two disciplines or concentrations within the BLA list of concentrations. One of the concentrations must be Comparative Arts (24 to 30 credits)
  • a second concentration is selected according to the student's interest (24 to 30 credits)
  • a completion of the competency requirement (12 credits)
  • an overall GPA of 2.5 is required
  • no minor is permitted
ENGL.210 Drama
ENGL.211 Poetry
ENGL.218 Comedy
ENGL.219 Tragedy
ENGL.230 Film Classics
ENGL.276 Irish American Literature
PHIL.3110 Philosophy and Literature
POLI.3150 Politics of Arts and Culture
POLI.3170 Politics and Music
PHIL.3330 Symbols and Society
SOCI.2600 Mass Media & Communications
WLIT.3350 Cinema and the Italian Americans
WLFR.3760 French Cinema and Society
ARHI.1010 Art Appreciation
ARHI.1050 Comparative Arts
ARHI.3000 Art History, Music and Culture
ARHI.3050 Theater in the Visual Arts
ARHI.3700 Art History and Film
FAHS.4940 Directed Studies in Comparative Arts
FAHS.4950 Advanced Tutorial in Comparative Arts
FAHS.4960 Practicum in Comparative Arts
MUHI.3560 American Musical Theater
MUHI.4660 Music of the Early Twentieth Century

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