Plastics Engineering

Plastics Engineering Minor in Business Administration

Most engineers become managers of people and projects.  As a result, it is important for engineers to have an understanding of business practices.  The Department of Plastics Engineering has worked closely with the College of Management to develop an optional, streamlined business program for undergraduate Plastics Engineering students.   Plastics Engineering students can receive a minor in Business Administration by taking only four (4) extra courses.

These extra business courses can be taken during the normal school year or during the summer. Most can be taken online as well.  A total of seven courses are actually required to obtain a Business Minor, but three of these seven courses count as credits towards the Plastics Engineering B.S. Degree.  Therefore only four "additional" courses are required. 

The course requirements for the Business Minor are:

49.201     Economics 1* 
60.201     Accounting / Financial 
60.202     Accounting / Managerial (optional but recommended) 
61.301     Business Finance 
62.201     Marketing Principles 
66.301     Organizational Behavior 
26.537     Business Law for Engineers**

and one of the following courses:***

26.507  Plastics Industry Organization 
26.540 Commercial Development of Polymeric Systems 
26.590 Survey of Intellectual Property 
22.576 Engineering Project Management

* Already required for the Plastics Engineering Program.

** Counts as a “Design Elective” for Plastics Engineering

*** Counts as a “Technical Elective” for the Plastics Engineering.