Manning School of Business

Admission to Upper Division

All BSBA students must apply to be admitted to the upper division program in a concentration of their choice upon completion of the filter courses listed below. Minimum criteria for admission to upper division are an overall grade point average of 2.000/4.000.

  • 60.201 Accounting/Financial 
  • 49.201 Economics I 
  • 49.211 Statistics I 
  • 92.122 Management Calculus 
  • 42.101 College Writing I 
  • 42.102 College Writing II 
  • 47.101 General Psychology 
  • 48.101 Intro to Sociology

For students transferring from another institution, a course deemed equivalent to any of the above courses by the Manning School of Business will be used to meet this requirement.

Application for admission is submitted directly to the Office of the Dean. The application must include: a completed change of major form obtained from the Office of Enrollment Services, the Office of the Dean of the School, or any department in the School.

Admission to the Manning School of Business upper division is guaranteed for transfer students if they have completed an Associate in Science, Business Transfer Option, and the above mentioned courses.

Students who are not eligible to declare a concentration after earning 60 credits but who satisfy university retention requirements may file for intercollegiate transfer within the university. Students who are ineligible to file for intercollegiate transfer or are denied admission to another college following application for intercollegiate transfer are dismissed from the university.