Manning School of Business

Operations and Information Systems Department

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Operations and Information Systems concentration (OIS) focuses on the application of information technology in organizations. Students study the design, development, and deployment of computer-based information systems in the firm.

In addition to the COM core and required courses, students electing to major in OIS are required to take five courses. Of the five, four are required (63.300, 63.307, 63.403 and 63.404) and at least one from the following list: 63.406, 63.407, 63.408 and 63.409.

The following is a suggested sequence of courses:

  1. Junior year: In addition to 63.301, students should enroll in 63.307 as this course is a prerequisite for 63.407. Other OIS courses such as 63.300, 63.403, and 63.404 can be taken based on individual choice.
  2. Senior year: Enroll in remaining OIS courses and the OIS elective (e.g. 63.406 or 63.407 or 63.408). The required MIS elective must be a course. PS: Generally only one of the elective is offered every semester.