Department of Management

Finance Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Finance concentration is designed to provide students with a strong background in the fundamental concepts of finance, as well as intensive application of financial problem solving and decision making techniques to a broad spectrum of private and public enterprises operating in domestic and multinational environments. The objective of the finance program is to prepare students for a wide variety of positions in financial management, banking, and the securities field. Courses for the General Finance track follow. Tracks in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets are also available.

The Corporate Finance track requires a course in Intermediate Accounting I (60.301), Accounting Information Systems (60.303), Federal Income Taxes (60.431), and Microeconomic Theory (49.303). The Financial Markets track requires a course in Macroeconomic Theory (49.304), Banking and Monetary Policies (49.318), and an Economics elective ( The additional courses required in each of these tracks replace COM electives found in the General Finance track.