Clinical Laboratory & Nutritional Sciences

Graduate Certificates in Clinical Laboratory & Nutritional Sciences

The UMass Lowell Department of Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences offers three graduate certficate programs.

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Clinical Pathology

Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences Department

Dr. Alease Bruce

Clinical Pathology combines the theoretical and technical knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, clinical chemistry, genetics, immunology, microbiology, hematology, histocompatibility, cellular pathology and other fields as they pertain to the diagnosis, monitoring and prevention of disease.

The 12 credit Graduate Certificate in Clinical Pathology is a unique program that was developed for medical laboratory personnel, medical professionals, nurses, biologists and biochemists who are interested in expanding and updating their knowledge in clinical pathology. Personnel employed in the biomedical and biotechnology industries are another population of students who will benefit from this certificate program.

Required Courses: 

30.550 Human Development and Pathophysiology*
36.551 Advanced Pathophysiology*

Electives - Choose 2:

32.504 Health Data Analysis*
36.553 Advanced Clinical Biochemistry 
36.580 Clinical Applications of Molecular Genetics*
36.613 Infectious Disease*
36.615 Medical Parasitology

[*courses are offered both on-campus and online.]

Nutritional Sciences

Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences Department

Dr. Garry J. Handelman 

Current emphasis on dietary concerns in the areas of science or medicine and society-at-large demonstrate the need for post-baccalaureate programs in the nutritional sciences. This 12 credit certificate program is designed for the health professional (e.g. medical technologist, clinical lab scientist, biologist, nurse, physician, physical therapist, exercise physiologist, athletic trainer, personal trainer) currently employed with experience in a health career or related science field. Students must present evidence that they have baccalaureate degree in any one of the above or related fields.

Required Courses:

36.506 Biochemistry of Lipids
36.563 Vitamins and Minerals
36.572 Nutrition and Gene Expression
36.582 Seminar in Advanced Nutrition

Public Health Laboratory Sciences

Dr. Alease Bruce

This 12 credit certificate program will help to satisfy a critical and timely need for qualified public health laboratory scientists. Students must take a total of 4 courses consisting of 2 required courses and 2 electives.  The student must meet with the coordinator of this program to select the electives that best fit their educational needs.

Required Courses (from the Department of Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences)

Offered Online only - two courses for a total of six credits

36.541   Introduction to Public Health and the Public Health Laboratory   
36.613   Infectious Disease                                                               

Elective Courses ( from the Department of Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences and Department of Work Environment)

Online Courses

32.504   Health Data Analysis                                                       
19.508   Principles and Practices of Biological Safety                        
19.516   Laboratory Environmental Health and Safety                         
36.580   Clinical Applications of Molecular Genetics    

On Campus Courses

36.640 Quality Assurance, Control and Improvement in the Clinical and Public Health Laboratory        
19.506 Principles of Environmental Health            
19.619 Measurement of Chemical Exposures    
19.503 Toxicology and Health   

For qualified individuals, the 12 earned graduate credits are transferable to an appropriate graduate degree program with the approval of the graduate program coordinator.