GNDR.401 Gender Studies Practicum

Gender Studies Practicum

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Min Credits 1
Max Credits 3
Course ID 36397
Status Active

This course provides a link between the UMASS Lowell campus and the community, offering students a unique learning experience. This Community Service-Learning course provides opportunities for students to learn through thoughtful engagement in community service, applying knowledge of gender issues gained in the classroom to the world outside the classroom. Students and their faculty supervisors together will determine the kind of service work students will engage in during the semester, choosing from a wide range of available placements. They will be using their hard-won knowledge from their years in the classroom and applying it to help meet urgent needs in the he community. Students will have the opportunity to make lasting connections and effect positive change in our community. Ideally, this course will promote good citizenship through reflection on gender issues and testing of personal values, leading students toward a heightened sense of social responsibility and a lifelong commitment to their local, national, and global communities.