95.440 Image Processing

Image Processing

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Min Credits 4
Max Credits 4
Course ID 8568
Status Active

Basic physics of television and other imaging systems: representation and manipulation of images in digital form; Fourier analysis and filtering of images: detection of image features such as edges and regions; pattern recognition; three-dimensional visual perception in man and machine; examples of image processing tasks from such areas as medicine, industrial inspection and robotics; laboratory exercises with an image processing system utilizing and Octec 2000 image analyzer and a Data General Nova 4/C Computer. Ability to program a computer is required. (offered as 95.540 for graduate credit)

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-Reqs: 92.234 Differential Equations or 92.236 Eng Differential Equations and 95.338 Optics & Waves with a 'C-' or better.