81.416 Climate Change: Science, Communication, and Solutions

Climate Change: Science, Communication, and Solutions

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Climate change offers one of the greatest challenges yet faced by society and scientists. The scientific consensus is clear that climate change is occurring, its pace is accelerating, its impacts on human society will be largely negative, and it is largely caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, despite strong scientific evidence for the enormous challenges that society may face, scientists' attempts to disseminate that evidence beyond their peers have not yet been successful. Indeed in today's media world of blogs, YouTube video clips, and sound-bites, confusion over the scientific reality of climate change frequently dominates the discourse in classrooms and communities. This course will provide students with the tools and knowledge that they need to develop their own well-informed view of climate change. Because climate change is both impacted by humans and will increasingly impact society, this course takes a cross-disciplinary approach, integrating science, policy solutions, and media literacy as they relate to climate change.