79.225 History of Photography

History of Photography

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Less than 200 years old, photography seems to span millennia. With 1839 as the invention's launch date, there is no photograph of George Washington, but very soon we are flooded with the faces of composers, painters, and presidents: we know and are reminded of the ravages of civil and world wars, industrial progress and social injustice, or the beauty of pristine landscapes and their ecological demise. In this course, students will become familiar with some 100 notable photographers, from the beginning years of its invention to contemporary times with works by major artists and forgotten visionaries, all serving as a foundation for inspiration and understanding of the art worlds most visible medium. Grading in the course is based on a mid-term and final exam along with a major research paper.

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-Reqs: 58.203 History of Art:Preh-Med and 58.204 Hist of Art II: Ren-Mod or Studio Art Minor or Art Minor.