59.210 Introduction to Cambodian Culture

Introduction to Cambodian Culture

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
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This course focuses on the development of Southeast Asian art and culture from ancient times to the present. As a diverse region that is home to Muslims, Catholics and other Christians, Buddhists,Hindus and animists, examining arts and culture in Southeast Asia provides fascinating insight into the region's societies. This course examines performance, architecture and material culture from a variety of Southeast Asia, its contacts with neighboring regions, and the breadth of societies in the region and their motivation for creating art. Students will be introduced to theater, dance puppetry, martial arts and music of Southeast Asia. We will examine artistic forms influenced by ancient Hindus, Chinese, Arabs, Europeans during the colonial era, and other influences on the arts in Southeast Asia. Students will also explore how various art forms have political, social and religious functions in such regions as Thailand Indonesia (Bali and Java). Vietnam and Cambodia.