54.204 Intensive Spanish 3 and 4

Intensive Spanish 3 and 4

Course Details
Min Credits 6
Max Credits 6
Course ID 37492
Status Active

A continuation of 54.104, Intensive Spanish 1 and 2, this is a six credit blended (hybrid) course-taught partly in the classroom and partly online--intensive one-semester accelerated version of the third and fourth Spanish courses. Being a blended course, the online time will be dedicated to grammar review, and to the completion of various assignments and assessments. Class time will focus on communicative activities that combine grammatical concepts, relevant vocabulary, and cultural themes. An intensive course that aims to develop an intermediate mid proficiency in Spanish and familiarity with Hispanic culture through practice in the use of the grammatical structures and acquisition of vocabulary stressing language skills. The purpose of instruction is to utilize previous language background to lay a solid foundation for further Spanish language study (advanced level). Satisfactory completion of this course fulfils the prerequisite for Spanish 300-400 level courses.

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-Req: 54.104 Spanish 1&2 Intensive, or 54.102 Spanish 2 and Culture.