43.351 Colonial Society and the Captivity Narrative

Colonial Society and the Captivity Narrative

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The long sequence of military conflicts in New England at the turn of the eighteenth century led to an equally long sequence of accounts describing the experiences of English colonists taken captive by French of Native American military forces. While these narratives are often portrayed as a uniquely American literary genre, this course will open by exploring the wider European tradition of captivity narratives from the medieval and early modern periods. Readings for the course will consist of narratives written by Britians taken captive by Barbary pirates, the traditional New England captivity narratives as well as the "anti-captivity" narratives written by colonists who chose to remain with their Native American captors, all of which will be examined against the backdrop of cultural changes on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-req: 43.111 United States History to 1877.