41.102 The Development of the American Legal System

The Development of the American Legal System

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This class will explore the American legal system, beginning with English common law and colonial rule through the American Revolution and establishment of our Constitution and federal system of government. The class examines how American law evolved through the "Golden Age" (1812 to 1860) and the rise of industrialization and corporations. We look at how American law developed to favor the expansion of commerce and how the law evolved to support and then prohibit slavery. We look at the legal treatment of women, children, minorities, and the poor throughout our history. We study the rise of legal liberalism, economic reform, and the New Deal (1900-1945). The end of the Second World War heralded changes in society that saw the growth of government, the civil rights movement, racial and gender equity, changes in criminal law and a changing legal culture. There are no prerequisites for this course.