38.406 Exercise Physiology II

Exercise Physiology II

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Min Credits 4
Max Credits 4
Course ID 1249
Status Active

This course provides a continuation of Exercise Physiology I and deals with the short and long effects of exercise on the skeletal and neuromuscular systems. This portion of the sequence also provides an integration of the physiological systems when considering the effect of exercise. All exercise physiology undergraduate courses (number 38) are restricted to EP majors only.

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-req: Exercise Physiology Core 1 Courses: 35.101/103, 35.102/104, 81.122/124, 35.251/253 or 84.121/123 or 84.111/113, 35.252/254 or 84.112/114 or 84.122/124, & 95.103/96.103, 95.104/96.104, 38.305/307 and 38.315/317 & EP Majors Senior Status only.