31.416 Environmental Health Practicum

Environmental Health Practicum

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Min Credits 10
Max Credits 10
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Status Active

This course is designed to provide students real world practical experience in the field of envirnomental health, as final preparation for their BS Degree. This 32 hour/week internship opportunity situates students in an environmental health setting most conducive to his or her needs and interests. Placements can vary from health boards and health departments to non-profit agencies, government agencies, university research institutes, and industry. Students work directly with an academically and professionally qualified preceptor to assure their progress in the field. The faculty supervisor is responsible for periodic meetings and correspondence to also assure appropriate development.

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-req: 31.409 Service Learning in Community Health, and Co-req or Pre-req 31.414 Program Mgmt. in Health; Environmental Health (BS).