26.384 Polymer Science II Lab

Polymer Science II Lab

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Min Credits 1
Max Credits 1
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Polymer characterization techniques including molecular weight distribution by gel permeation chromatography, crystallinity and order by differential scanning calorimetry; polymer morphology and surface properties, and spectroscopic (nuclear magnetic resonance, Raman, infrared) and mechanical (tensile, dynamic mechanical, rheological) techniques will also be covered. Recommended Pre-Reqs: 26.381 Polymer Science for Engineers I and 26.383 Polymer Science I Lab; Co-Req: 26.382 Polymer Science for Engineeers II.

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-Reqs: 84.204 Intro to Organic and Polymer Chemistry or 84.221 Organic Chemistry I; Co-Req: 26.382 Polymer Sci for Engineers II.