26.373 Mold Engineering

Mold Engineering

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
Course ID 4169
Status Active

Course work entails the introduction to the fundamentals of plastics mold and die engineering with the objective to develop an overall appreciation of the mold engineer's job. Emphasis is placed on an integrated approach to mold engineering which includes the interrelationships of polymeric materials, engineering principles, processing, and plastics product design, mold and die design/construction, and design communications. Laboratory consists of the actual design of an old or mold components with emphasis on CAD and computerized Material Database. A semester project is required. Junior status or permission of instructor. (26.314 recommended pre-requisite)

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-Reqs: 26.218 Intro to Design; Pre-Req or Co-Reqs: 26.348 Heat Transfer. (26.314 recommended pre-requisite)