25.410 Co-op Assessment 2

Co-op Assessment 2

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Min Credits 1
Max Credits 1
Course ID 36967
Status Active

This seminar is designed to support and assist students in the continued assessment of their cooperative education experience. Through a deepening of their work in Co-op Assessment 1, students will review their overall performance in the cooperative education program, while continuing to demonstrate their technical and professional skills through written work and public presentations to multiple audiences. It is expected that students will clearly define their future academic and career goals, enhance their professional networks, and develop a future plan to support their engineering aspirations.

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-req: 25.210 Prof. Development Seminar, and 25.310 Co-op Assessment l, or 26.210 Prof. Development Seminar, and 26.310 Co-op Assessment l, and 25.3CE or 25.4CE Cooperative Education.