23.444 Mechanical Vibrations

Mechanical Vibrations

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
Course ID 38761
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The course will teach students methods to analyze single and two degree of freedom systems considering free vibration, harmonically excited motion, and transient vibration. Concepts of two degree of freedom systems generalized to multi-degree of freedom systems will be introduced. Various analytical approaches to vibration analysis will be taught. Solutions for continuous systems will be solved by the finite difference, finite element, and mode summation methods. Dynamic systems excited by random forces of displacements (random vibrations) will be covered. Additional mathematical content beyond Calculus C will be introduced within this course as required.

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-req: 92.225 Calculus C, 99.132 Technical Physics II, 23.221 Statics and Co-req: 23.222 Dynamics.