14.492 Industrial Experience II

Industrial Experience II

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
Course ID 3008
Status Active

The new Cooperative Education program for undergraduates combines academic studies with work experience in appropriate positions in the public or private sectors. It permits students to participate in the flexible schedule of study and work that is related to their academic fields of study and to receive academic credit for the work experience. Requires 500 hours of cooperative education engineering experiences, on a full-time or part-time basis, during any academic semester or summer. All co-op work must be pre-approved by the Co-op Coordinator. (Effective with Class of 2001-02, students in CEE are able to earn three credits after the successful completion of both Industrial Experience I and II).

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-req or Co-req: 14.491 Industrial Experience I, and Junior level and 2.0 GPA or higher.